Managed Futures

Managed Futures refer to professionally managed accounts, traded by registered Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA’s). CTA’s can go long or short, in a wide range of instruments including grains, meats, metals, interest rates, currencies, energies, and stock indices. They trade a broad range of strategies in varying time frames and offer diversification and opportunity for enhanced returns.

Managed futures traders are typically looking to capitalize on market trends that persist from supply/demand imbalances in the marketplace. With the ability to go both long and short, managed futures have the potential to profit in any economic
environment, and often perform best in crisis periods or uncertainty.

The potential to increase returns while reducing volatility

Managed futures offer a smart way to balance risk with returns. When added to a traditional stock and bond portfolio, managed future may be able to reduce overall portfolio risk and volatility while simultaneously enhancing performance, as shown in the table below.

100% US Equities1100% Managed Futures2Traditional (60% Equities1 / 40% Bonds3)80% Traditional / 20% Managed Futures2
Std Dev14.64%9.04%9.29%7.35%

Period: 1990-2014. Data used:
1. US Equities: S&P 500 Total Return
2. Managed Futures: Barclay BTOP-50 for period 1990-1999, Newedge CTA Index 2000-2014
3. Bonds: Vanguard Total Bond Index Fund (VBMFX)

Diversification beyond stocks and bonds

Managed futures have virtually no correlation to traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds, cash, and real estate, making them a powerful tool in your diversification arsenal. And with over 150 different markets worldwide, managed futures make global diversification simple.

Investment flexibility during up and down markets

Managed futures have the potential to limit losses and generate strong returns even when the stock markets are falling or in crisis. During periods of economic stress — inflation, deflation or recession — managed futures can take long or short positions to capture positive returns.

Managed Futures during 25 Worst S&P 500 Months

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