February 28, 2020


Top Alternative Investment Strategies for Sophisticated Investors

As the investment landscape is rapidly changing, finding new investment opportunities and diversification has never been more important.  Commodity futures markets offer a wide range of opportunity through global market exposure and the ability to easily go long or short in any instrument.   Here are a few ways sophisticated investors can get exposure to managed futures investments:

  1. Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Managed Accounts
  2. Automated Futures Trading Strategies
  3. Futures Newsletter Services

Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Managed Accounts

Managed Futures Accounts are offered through registered Commodity Trading Advisors; professionals that specialize in managing commodity trading strategies in individual accounts or as a fund.  This is an excellent way to gain access to trading talent and diversification without making trading decisions.  Commodity Trading Advisors offer a wide range of products that include trend following, mean reversion, option trading, and volatility-based strategies.  CTA’s provide audited track records and can be ranked and searched in our database here.

For more information on Managed Futures Investments, please visit the managed section of our website.

Automated Futures Trading Strategies

Automated Futures Trading Strategies or “Trading Systems” are a popular way for investors to gain access to the markets without a huge time commitment.  Futures Trading Systems take a rules based approach to trading and offer a disciplined way for traders to participate in a wide range of markets or trends without being an expert in every commodity.   Futures Trading Systems can be evaluated through back-testing and walk forward trading to gain confidence in the strategy before committing any capital.  Trading Systems can be designed for trend following, mean reversion, day trading, swing trading, etc and can be combined to create lowly correlated portfolios in attempt to smooth returns.  

To learn more about Futures Trading Systems please visit our Trading Systems page.

Futures Trading Newsletters

Futures Trading Newsletters allow investors to utilize information that is published by a credible trading resource about potential market opportunities.  Investors can have newsletter recommendations automatically executed on their behalf by a licensed commodity futures broker.  This allows investors to participate in market opportunities based on fundamental or technical research, market analysis, and seasonal price trends without committing a lot of time to follow the newsletter and execute the trades on their own. 

Considering the rapidly changing investment landscape, alternative investment strategies have never been more important.  Commodity Futures offer a wide range of opportunity and flexibility to sophisticated investors.  With the ability to participate in CTA Managed Accounts, Futures Trading Systems, and Newsletter recommendations investors have a wide range of options.  For more information and recommendations on our favorite CTA’s, Trading Systems, and Newsletters, please get in touch.  

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