TradeStation Services

CTAs and System Traders: Combine the power of the TradeStation futures trading technology with Wisdom Trading brokerage services

Award-Winning Platform

TradeStation has one of the top-ranked futures trading platform on the market:
  • Automated trading
  • EasyLanguage Code
  • Walk-Forward Optimizer
  • 24-Hour Global Markets
  • Strategy Back-test
  • Fast Order Execution

Trading System Execution

We can monitor and execute your strategy through TradeStation.

Whether you are a fund manager or CTA, private or professional trader, we can assist you with the execution of your automated trading system in TradeStation. By taking care of the whole infrastructure and monitoring, we allow our clients to adopt a complete hands-off approach to running a strategy using the industry-standard EasyLanguage code and TradeStation platform.

Back-office Services for CTAs

The way our partnership with TradeStation is set up gives our clients the opportunity to properly run a CTA through TradeStation and give-up to other FCMs. Please contact us for more information. Contact Us for More Info on TradeStation  
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