In order to trade systems for our clients we have established a two-step process to ensure that we get the results that you expect.

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1. System Hand-Over

This is the first step where we ensure that we obtain a perfect match between the back-testing results from your system run on our platform and those that you obtain on your end.

This usually involves the following:

  • Software synchronisation for the order generation platform (for example specific version of Trading Blox or other – we can maintain multiple versions as well as custom software).
  • Exchange of the code for the system(s) to be traded (encryption option possible with some back-testing platforms).
  • Creation of identical portfolio to run the back-test.
  • Setup of roll-over logic to generate historical back-adjusted data (and to determine trading in live mode).
  • Run of back-test and reconciliation of results to correct potential discrepancies and achieve matching results.

Once the results match, we can be confident that the system is configured and set up as expected and it can be added to our stable of live trading systems that we manage for our clients.

Note that we can also help if you do not have a system already developed. We can consult to recommend a system or portfolio of trading systems that would be suitable to your objectives, trading capital and other relevant criteria. We can also offer a system development service to implement your ideas into a programmable system.

Please also note that we offer non-disclosure agreements to ensure full confidentiality of your trading system, which, of course, stays your property at 100%. For extra security and confidentiality, we can also trade systems in an encrypted form.

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2. Daily Trading System Execution

Each client system runs on our own infrastructure, which has been set up to ensure that we can remain operational in any circumstance. We have redundant computer systems, connectivity, and power sources. All of our systems are constantly backed-up. We also have a back-up team in a different geographical location.

Every day and often several times a day, we generate orders for the systems we manage, based on new market data*, and execute these on your behalf.

In order to ensure quality and accuracy of results, we run additional checking process:

  • Data Integrity Check: we run a check on the market data to validate its accuracy.
  • Daily Reconciliation (End-of-Day): to make sure all trades that were generated were executed, and that the executed trades were booked to the account.
  • Daily Reconciliation (Start-of-Day): to make sure that the trading system platform’s positions file matches the customer statement.

These checking processes are automated and manually reviewed and ensure your live results are exactly as per the system rules and simulation results.

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Market Data Providers

Our primary and recommended EOD data source is CSI Data. We also support Pinnacle data.

CSI Data