CSI Data – Unfair Advantage

Unparalleled Market Data

For over three decades, CSI Data has remained our steadfast choice as a data vendor. Offering End of Day Backadjusted Data for a comprehensive range of global futures markets, CSI delivers a user-friendly package that stands out in its excellence. If you’re in search of an end-of-day data provider to enhance your trading experience, we wholeheartedly recommend CSI’s Unfair Advantage products. In our opinion, it surpasses all others in terms of quality, reliability, and user-friendly features. Trust in CSI Data’s expertise to elevate your trading with top-tier data solutions that have stood the test of time.

CSI’s Data Offerings:

  • There are 110+ commodity exchanges in the world and CSI covers most of them.
  • Many thousands of futures contracts are reported each and every trading day.
  • All stocks traded in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. are reported.
  • Options on stock indices, and all futures options are included.
  • Single Stock Futures reflect current availability.
  • The full range of 20,000+ US mutual funds are provided, complete with adjustments for capital gains and dividends.
  • All futures series can be transformed into a multitude of computed contracts.
  • Briese’s Commitments of Traders (COT) data is included in the UA software.
  • Ninety-nine percent of coverage reaches back to the first day of trading for each respective market.
  • Click here to view complete market listings and specifications.

Accuracy is Everything!

Data accuracy is assured with Unfair Advantage, and every customer enjoys the same level of perfection. Errors do occur, but any suspicious data point reported by a customer or discovered by our staff will be subject to careful review and verification. If an error is confirmed, a correction will be transmitted the following day. An independent study featured in Futures Magazine found CSI’s error and omission rate lower than all competing data firms tested.
(Futures, 9/99 – How Clean is your Data?)