How long has wisdom trading been a registered broker?

Wisdom Trading became registered in 2003.

Is there any way to look up a broker record to know who I’m doing business with?

Yes, you can search brokers and firms at


How do I know if futures trading is right for me?

Futures trading involves substantial risk and isn’t suitable for everyone. We are happy to discuss the risks and suitability with you.

How do I know what to trade in my account?

That is what we are here for, we can help you choose the right strategy based on your capital amount, trading goals and risk tolerance.


How much capital do I need to open and account?

The minimum amount to trade at Wisdom Trading is $25k this also depends on the strategy you are interested in trading.

How do I open an account?

You can download account forms to complete and scan in or you are able to open most types of accounts online. Both options are available HERE.

Can I trade using my IRA account?

Yes, you can, however each FCM has different minimum requirements and margin limits. If you would like more information, CONTACT US.

Can non-US persons and entities open accounts at Wisdom Trading?

Yes, we have clients around the globe and can assist you in opening your account.

How long does it take to open an account?

Depending on the complexity of the account it typically takes 1-3 days.


Do you provide access to market/exchange/product x, y or z?

Most likely yes, we do.
 We have one of the widest global markets coverage. Generally, if a market/product is CFTC-approved we can provide you access for trading. For the list of markets and exchanges that we cover please check the Global Markets Page.

What trading platforms do you offer?

We offer numerous trading platforms to suit our clients’ needs. Please check the list of platforms that we offer.

What are your fees?

We have some of the best industry rates compared to any other broker. Our independent structure, our lean organization, our strategic partnerships with multiple FCMs all have allowed us to reduce our clearing and overall costs.
 We charge very competitive commissions and no hidden fees.
 Our rates are flexible, with multiple options depending on your trading. Get in touch with us to check it now.

How can I submit trading orders?

If you are a self-directed trader you can use one of our available trading platforms or contact our 24-hr trading desk. Orders are handled via phone or email.
 We also provide bulk order entry via spreadsheets and accept orders in email format.


Wisdom Trading has been assisting traders and investors for 23 years.
No sales, just highly experienced professional assistance.