Global futures broker providing access to a wide range of markets, trading strategies, and managed accounts

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Trading Products Worldwide

Official support brokers for the TradeStation and Trading Blox Trading System Platforms

Trade the World

Trading Maize in South Africa or Palm Oil in Malaysia? We've got you covered.

Over 300 markets in more than 30 exchanges globally. Get access to exotic markets and global diversification for improved trading opportunities and performance. Check our results!

Access our 300+ global markets list.

Trading Systems

A great way to get started with systems trading or to diversify your investments.

We offer access to a wide range of trend following, swing trading, and day trading strategies for futures, commodities, and currency markets around the globe.

Visit our trading systems section to learn more.

We Trade Your System For You

Let us worry and take care of the execution of your trading system. It's our speciality.

Join hundreds of clients who have chosen Wisdom Trading to execute their trading systems.

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Managed Accounts

Hire quality managers for your account

Managed Account Programs are a great way to get access to trading talent and performance in a more hands-off approach.

Access our Managed Futures and CTA database. Search and analyze the industry's leading programs. Create watchlist, portfolios, use interactive charts and more.

Low-Cost Clearing for Trading Professionals

Boost your bottom line: reduce your trading costs

We are the IB of choice for trading professionals: excellent service and wide product offering, coupled with competitive rates to lower your clearing costs.

Give us a call now to check your clearing costs savings.

Super Customer Support

We're not just saying… we do mean it!

Excellent customer service and a solid working relationship with our clients is our priority.

Prospective clients can rely on our experience and knowledge to assist them every step of the way in the investing and trading process.

CTA Support

We help you build your CTA business

We can help your CTA from its inception onwards (Start-up, trade execution, back-office, trade allocation, streamlined give-up process, reconciliation services, capital introduction, extended marketing arm).

Expert Industry Knowledge

Over twenty years of experience in the futures business industry

Our trading desk order specialists are well versed in all foreign markets, call-around markets and specialty orders.

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