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Daniels Trading’s dedication to providing the premier futures trading software in the industry was driven by our relentless pursuit of satisfying the needs of active traders and offering a trading platform that would truly set us apart. The result is dt Pro. dt Pro is an easy to use application that handles all of the complexities associated with trading and order management. Our latest release offers all of the features you need in your futures trading software, and even some that you might not even know existed…

Forget the Unnecessary Fees…

Many futures software providers today charge a monthly fee to use their software regardless of whether or not you actually complete a trade that month. Worse yet, some software providers actually charge a minimum usage fee. This creates an unnecessary and costly expense that traders have to bear.

Daniels Trading feels so strongly about the value of our software to traders that we never have, nor do we now, charge a “monthly” or “minimum” usage fee to use dt Pro.

And Enjoy Dedicated Support and Comprehensive Education!

When you open a live futures trading account with Wisdom Trading, not only will you enjoy the benefits of our flagship platform, Wisdom Trading Pro, you’ll also have access to a dedicated broker to assist you when needed, as well as a wealth of Wisdom Trading Pro educational information, including video tutorials, webinars and more!


More Reasons to Choose Wisdom Online for Your Futures Trading Software…

  • Depth of Market (DOM)
  • Enhanced Charting with Auto Backfill
  • Block Allocation
  • Depth of Market (DOM)
  • Direct Market Access
  • AutoX

  • Advanced Orders
  • Streaming Quotes
  • Microsoft® Excel DDE
  • Communication
  • Custom Indicators

  • Detailed Trade Reports
  • Pit & Electronic Markets
  • All Orders Held Server Side
  • Volume Histogram
  • COM Interface

Depth of Market

dt Pro’s Depth of Market tool allows you to apply complex trading strategies (OCO, GTC, FOK, IOC STP LIMIT, Trailing Stops, Brackets), and launch associated contract charts and customize the display to meet your trading style.

  1. Contract: Displays the current contract launched.
  2. Toolbar: The toolbar gives you quick access to setup and configuration options as well as advanced order features.
  3. Trade Quantity: The “Qty” section of the DOM Order Ticket displays the traders default quantity selected in the “Order Defaults” section of the Daniels Trading software and allows the trader to adjust quantity settings during trading.
  4. Open Positions: Displays the current position for the DOM.
  5. Cancel Buttons: Gives the ability to cancel all working bids, working offers, or all working orders with a single click.
  6. Working Orders: Displays your working Buy Limit and Buy Stop Orders.
  7. Size of Last Trade: Displays the size of the last trade.
  8. Depth of Market (Bid): The number of buy limit orders placed at each price.
  9. Scroll Down: Gives the ability to scroll down the price ladder viewing below market prices
  10. Buy Market: Creates a buy market order with a single click.
  11. Account Number(s): This area allows the trader to select the account they would like to trade into.
  12. Total/Open P/L: Displays the total or open p/l for the selected contract.
  13. Reverse (& Cxl): Reverses the current position (and cancels all working orders) with a single click.
  14. Exit at Market (& Cxl): Creates an order to exit all open orders at the market (and cancels all working orders) for the current contract in DOM.
  15. Scroll Up: Gives the ability to scroll up the price ladder viewing above market prices.
  16. Depth of Market (Offer): The number of sell limit orders placed at each price.
  17. Ask Price: The lowest price at which any investor/dealer is willing to sell a given commodity at a given time. This price is displayed in red.
  18. Last Price: Last price at which the selected contract was traded. This price is displayed in bold.
  19. Bid Price: The highest price any buyer is willing to pay for a given commodity at a given time. This price is displayed in green.
  20. Working Orders: Displays your working Sell Limit and Sell Stop Orders.
  21. Auto sum Bid/Ask: Sums the total number of bids and offers.
  22. Sell Market: Creates a sell market order.

Enhanced Charting with Auto Backfill

Our built-in charting functionality gives you a rich view of market activity. Choose from ten different chart styles, more than three dozen indicators, and create an unlimited number of alerts to maximize analysis. dt Pro’s cutting-edge technology allows you to trade and monitor your order flow directly from your chart.

Chart Features

  • Historical Intraday Data and Daily Data
  • Auto Backfill
  • Customizes Layout
  • More Than Three Dozen Indicators
  • Ten Different Charting Styles
  • Unlimited Price Alerts
  • Trade Basic and Advanced Orders from Charts
  • Histogram Button in Toolbar
  • Automatic and Custom Time Intervals
  • Optional Alignment by Start Session Time
  • Switch Between Time Zones
  • Object List Dialog to Manage Placed Drawing Objects
  • All Line-based Drawing Tools Can Be Used in Alert Expressions
  • Multiple Contracts on One Chart

Available Indicators

  • Channels
  • Moving Averages
  • Oscillator
  • Prices
  • Trend Followers
  • Volatility
  • Volumes

Drawing Tools

  • Fibonacci
  • Gann
  • Andrew’s Pitchfork

Trade from Charts

Wisdom Trading offers you the functionality to trade directly from our built-in charting module. Use our cutting edge technology to easily monitor your order flow directly from the chart. Our charts provide full ordering capabilities including modifies, cancels, brackets and trailing stops.

Block Allocation

Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) and professional trade managers can create allocation block accounts directly from dt Pro from their existing list of accounts. The manager can then trade directly into the block account and these trades are automatically allocated to the correct accounts per the managers defined rules. This function eliminates the need to communicate with the back office and ensures accuracy allowing the manager to focus on trading not reconciling out-trades.

Allocation Block Rules

The Allocation rules allow Trader Managers to allocate the funds appropriately in the event of a partial fill. The order of the accounts in the block can now be set by highlighting the account and using the “Up” or “Down” arrows to move the account up or down the list (the first account in the list will be considered the “lowest” for purposes of the rules defined below). The following rules are available in dt Pro:

  • LowAcctLowPrice will allocate the lowest price of the partial fill to the lowest account number (based on account order in the block)
  • LowAcctHighPrice will allocate the highest price of a partial fill to the lowest account number (based on account order in the block)
  • HighAcctLowPrice will allocate the lowest price of the partial fill to the highest account number (based on account order in the block)
  • HighAcctHighPrice will allocate the highest price of the partial fill to the highest account number (based on account order in the block)

Allocation blocks will Automatically Create a “Backfill” account (indicated by a (B) after the account number) in the event the Trader Manager receives a partial fill and wants to complete the fill on the initial block order.

Market Trend Updates

Get the low-down on trend following by subscribing to our monthly report. Receive monthly updates on trend following performance, benchmarks and analysis on the markets.

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