Benefits of a Systems Broker

In our experience, we have found that even a fully automated trading system always require more than the initial research and development effort. Usually the steps to trade your own trading system go like this:

  1. Research and Development: investigate and back-test systems and strategies to find a suitable system.
  2. Research market access for all products traded in the portfolio.
  3. Set up server with connectivity, contingency and data access.
  4. Download market data several times a day (at close of different geographical locations) and check data quality.
  5. Investigate data delays, connection or other errors.
  6. Generate new orders based on system rules and execute orders at close of each relevant market (Asia, Europe, US, etc.)
  7. Daily reconciliation of orders and positions to ensure that live track record matches with back-test simulation.
  8. Roll position over when contracts come close to expiration, or based on specific market practice (e.g. TOCOM contracts, etc.).
  9. Back to step 1 to refine and improve trading system.

Knowing with certainty that all my orders will be executed exactly as per the systems gives me great peace of mind: no second-guessing the system and/or making costly mistakes. – Tom R.


Free Up Your Time: Outsource The Workload To a System Broker

Let’s face it, steps 2 to 8 – the actual live trading part of systems trading – are not really the most exciting part of the process. They can be quite time consuming, demand attention, and are simply a repetitive daily process.

This is where we step in… As a system broker, we’ll take care of all of this for you, with our robust infrastructure and proven process, honed by decades of experience, to run your system efficiently and accurately.

Not having to manage your system every night or several times a day could be the difference between trading a system or not or being able to access more markets to improve your performance. Outsource your trading system execution to us. Access the performance of systematic trading and free your time from the daily workload.

I get less stress from my trading and I can go on business trips without having to worry about the executions. – Stephen Y


Outsource Your Stress, Let Us “Pull The Trigger”

Another benefit? Most of our clients enjoy the fact that outsourcing the execution of their trading system really cuts down on their stress levels and improve discipline (especially when it’s most needed). Let’s be honest, it can be hard to follow the rules dictated by a trading system when times get rough… Hours of testing results are often forgotten and doubt sets in. Make sure that your trading system rules are followed exactly as they should, with no second-guessing.

Did we mention we can help with steps 1 and 9 too?
We offer a free trading system consultation to work and advise on your own system and we can also provide access to successful trading systems or managed futures programmes.

And the best thing: using our services will not ruin the performance of your system (we rely on building long-term relationships with our clients and help them be profitable). The only fees we charge are for the actual trades. We never charge any management, incentive, or account maintenance fees.