September 16, 2015

Trading Professionals: Your Low-Cost Clearing Broker

Our entire operations set-up is dedicated to best serve our clients and maximize their trading experience. From our wide range of markets, extensive choice of trading platforms, to our excellent customer service and reliable operations, most trading professionals will find Wisdom Trading to be perfectly suited to their needs. And as your low-cost clearing broker, we deliver all our service and products at ultra competitive commission rates.

Access Diversification at Low-Cost Clearing Rates

As a trading professional, we understand that one of your main goals is to reduce costs while increasing returns.
At Wisdom Trading, we aim to help you deliver on both counts.

Over the years, we have developed multiple strategic clearing relationships with several FCMs around the globe. This has allowed us to provide our clients one of the largest diversification opportunity (and potential for increased returns), with access to 300+ global markets over 30 worldwide exchanges.

The cost side of the equation is provided by the competitive rates that we have been able to establish for our clients, thanks to our independent structure and long-standing relationships with FCMs.

Our rates are flexible, with several options depending on your trading (volume, trading frequency, etc.).
Get in touch with us now to discuss options available to see how we can reduce your trading costs.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our clients love us and we believe this is because of the outstanding service we aim to deliver day in, day out.

As a trading professional, you most likely expect a professional level of customer service, responsive and knowledgeable. Our goal is simply to exceed your expectations. Try us, you will not be disappointed.

Reliability and 24-Hour Trading Desk

Reliability is an important aspect of our business. We have set up our operations so that we can remain operational in any circumstances. We have redundant computer systems, connectivity and power source. All our systems are constantly backed-up. We also have a back-up team in a different geographical location.

Additionally, we provide a 24-hour professional trading desk, staffed by experienced traders with over 20 years of combined experience in transacting orders on global futures exchanges for individuals, corporations, and industry professionals.

Variety of Trading Platforms

We offer and support a wide range of leading front-end trading applications to ensure each of our clients can find the platform best suited to their needs. We’re happy to assist you select the right platform for you.


Wisdom Trading: a vital component of building my CTA business. – A. A., CTA

The entire staff puts a great deal of effort into the relationship and I am truly appreciative of all they have done for me. Their vast experience and knowledge of the global futures markets will save you time and money when it comes to execution, rolls and research. – Bryan F., F. Capital Management LLC

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