June 3, 2013

Trading Desk

Desk Set Up

Our trading desk is staffed from 3:30pm on Sunday thru 5:00pm Friday. The U.S. session is staffed with 6 clerks, 3 on Asian Shift and 3 on European Shift. Clerks working on our desk have an average of 14 yrs. experience in the execution business.

  • Re-capping order status and attention to detail in the allocation process is paramount.
  • Quick access to Customer’s instructions allows us to become an extension of the trader in fulfilling his needs.
  • Bulk order entry allows our clerks to upload hundreds of orders directly into our trading platforms in less than a minute.
  • Service is ‘hands-on’: we are always in contact with our customers providing them with pertinent information.
  • Trading Platforms used: -PATs, T/T, EOS (option strategies), Barclays, CQG.

Key Attributes

  • Specialized Services: Covering more than 300 different markets on over 30 different Exchanges. Our order specialists are well versed in all foreign markets, call-around markets and specialty orders. We provide ‘call’ levels and news alerts. Orders are handled via phone or email/Bloomberg.
    We provide bulk order entry via spreadsheets and accept orders in email format.
  • Customer Relationships: We understand the importance of creating a solid working relationship between the customer and our desk. We manage our customer’s information on an electronic rolodex; information such as authorized trader(s), specific instructions, trader’s requests and contact information. Knowing our customer is a priority.
  • Managing Risk: Our staff is very alert to the risk/leverage involved with each order and understand the time sensitivity of specific orders. Re-caps are automated so that the customer is aware of order status in a timely manner.
  • Communication: Our communication with customers allow us to efficiently recognize the customer’s needs and his instructions. We understand the importance of having solid communication between the customer and our desk.
  • Professional Services: We offer block accounts to traders that manage multiple accounts and have a streamlined give up process to provide traders with a single point of execution.

Order Types

Please find below a sample list of orders available:

  • Contingent or OCO orders
  • Iceberg Orders (hide size)
  • Timed Orders
  • Time Weighted Average Price
  • Volume Weighted Average Price
  • Building Inter-market Spreads
  • Building 3‐way and 4‐way Strategies
  • Covered Options / Synthetics
  • Block Trades
  • Call-around option markets
  • TAS Orders (trade at settlement)
  • MOC (market on close -electronically)
  • MOO (market on open -electronically)
  • Accepting orders via our Desk email or via Bloomberg
  • ‘Bulk’ Order entry via spreadsheets
  • Discretionary Orders
  • Strips and Packs

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