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Call us “old-fashioned”, but we take great pride in building a lasting relationship with every single one of our clients. We believe that great customer service is at the foundation of a good business, and work hard at it day in, day out. We think it shows in the client feedback we receive.

All testimonials below are from real clients and not paid for.

As a managing partner of a small hedge fund, I was looking for a trend following strategy that would complement and diversify, yet not slow the pursuit of high octane alpha returns our current systems employ. Wisdom Trading’s wealth of knowledge, ability to articulate this (there are no secrets), knowledge, and seamless execution has been wonderful. “Team Wisdom Trading” is a class operation and regarded as an integral partner in our journey to seek not only superior returns, but knowledge within the futures arena.

-Bryan T., C. Trading Company

Wisdom Trading exceeds expectations year after year. Their vast experience and knowledge of the global futures markets will save you time and money when it comes to execution, rolls and research. The entire staff puts a great deal of effort into the relationship and I am truly appreciative of all they have done for me.

-Dennis Bryan F.

I have nothing but good things to say about Shane and Wisdom Trading. Shane is very knowledgeable and readily available. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants to trade domestic and/or foreign futures markets: A+.

-Levi F.

Shane has been my broker since 1998. In 1999, I opened a track record account with Shane to document the performance of our systems. Since Shane started trading this account, his execution has been flawless. Shane trades my systems for a large number of clients, and I’ve never had negative feedback. If you want a strategy executed perfectly, trade with Shane at Wisdom Trading.

-Keith F., Trade Systems Inc.

I have been extremely pleased with Wisdom Trading and the WebOe platform, in terms of the number of products available for trading, ease and speed of use, as well as the reliability. Although many brokers offer great service, most offer only great excuses. Wisdom actually delivers!

-Brian W.

I have been a client of Wisdom trading for over the last year. I have found Shane and his company to be competent, capable, knowledgeable, and a vital component of building my CTA business. I would highly suggest him.

-Andrew A., CTA Abraham Investment Management

Our financial firm has been using Wisdom Trading since 2007. When MF Global crashed, Wisdom Trading did an absolute stunning job informing investors of updates, conference calls, notifications, options and were there every step of the way insuring refunds. Our firm’s loss was less than 2% compared to others which went up to 20% thanks to Wisdom Trading. I have referred a lot of clients to Wisdom Trading which all have been 100% satisfied. If you are an investor, either new or old to the game, then use the innovation, professionalism and integrity of Wisdom Trading.

-Ken C., J. 3060 LLC

I’ve robo-traded using three different brokers and I’m happiest (by far) at Wisdom Trading. They have a level of service that others do not.

-Sluggo, “legendary” Trading Blox forum contributor

Wisdom Financial provides excellent execution and system management services. I am a very satisfied client.

-M. Huang

Exactly what you want from a good IB! Exceptional customer service, streamlined back office, and innovative tools to help bridge investors with managers.

-John Krautsack, Chairman & CEO, EMC Capital Management

Wisdom Trading has an excellent team of systematic trading professionals. They are very knowledgeable and provide our clients with outstanding execution and excellent customer service. We’re proud to feature them as one of our recommended brokers.

-John Tolan, Trend Channel

We are newbies to the futures markets. Fortunately, Wisdom Trading has made our entrance extremely easy and efficient. No matter how simple or complex our questions, Shane and his staff were ever-present, patient, and willing to share their knowledge. I wish we had taken this route to hedge our inventory years ago.

-G. Everett

Happy to have been referred to Wisdom Trading by a friend who is also a system commodity futures trader. It’s very liberating to know that they are so professional at monitoring the system, executing the trades, and being helpful whenever I ask for additional info or assistance. All I have to do these days is look at the daily report. Easy.

-Andy Robin

A good broker executes customer’s orders efficiently and without error. A great broker, however, is also a special breed of analyst/technician with a deep understanding of what really moves the markets. This understanding enables them to extract every possible point from trades which is often the difference between a winning and losing year. Shane Wisdom is a great broker!

-Alan Pryor, Long Term Trading

Wisdom Trading exceeds expectations year after year. Their vast experience and knowledge of the global futures markets will save you time and money when it comes to execution, rolls and research. The entire staff puts a great deal of effort into the relationship and I am truly appreciative of all they have done for me.

-Bryan F., F. Capital Management LLC

Mr. Wisdom is the most responsive broker with whom I have ever traded. He is an expert in the trading programs and systems that he uses. His explanation of the systems has been of great aid to my understanding of the rhythms in commodity trading. His support and responsive communication have made trading far more enjoyable than I have ever experienced. My trading is much improved since I became Mr. Wisdom’s client.

-W. Chestnut, NM.

When I finally decided to delegate my systems’ execution systems, I interviewed a couple of robo brokers and found Wisdom Trading to be the most flexible. They can trade systems the way you want it, and they take signals from high-end encrypted software all the way down to a bunch of rules written down on paper. Shane knows what he’s doing, is a pleasure to work with, and responds to emails promptly. Highly recommended.

-M. Lim

Angie Wisdom’s personalized customer service and prompt execution is best-in-class. She is a great professional. It has been a real comfort to know Angie was always there when I needed help over the last two years.

-Paul C. V., M.Sc. MBA

As a satisfied client, I’m just writing to tell you how much I have appreciated and enjoyed working with you personally. I have particularly appreciated your candor in discussing with me your experience with the other commercially available trading systems. Clearly, you are interested in the continuing success of your clients. Your attention to personal service is outstanding. It’s truly been a positive experience working with you.

-R. Borreson, CA

Shane, I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate you. You have always been there whenever I have had doubts, worries, questions; whatever it might be… What more could I ask for! Thank you!

-G. Astle, OR.

Shane Wisdom has always paid attention to details, and we are confident his firm will trade our program correctly for the benefit of their clients.

-Dave Fox, CTA

Shane is a diligent, knowledgeable broker who puts the success of his clients foremost in his emphasis upon a conservative, portfolio approach to the futures markets.

-Lincoln Fiske, Trading Visions

You are very helpful, responsive in communications, knowledgeable and professional when working with your customer. While I live +12 hours ahead of you, running my own execution would create a disaster while I have other things to do in the early morning. To have you do the execution I get less stress and I can go on business trip without having to worry about the executions.

-Stephen Y.

The brokers at Wisdom Trading do an excellent job executing our trading programs for Mariner Futures. Your attention to detail and knowledge in the area of systems trading and risk management is exceptional. We’re proud to recommend Wisdom Trading and thank you for representing us.

-Jack Telford, Mariner Futures

Having known Shane Wisdom for 5+ years, I can highly recommend him for outstanding professionalism and market knowledge towards the customer. His diligence and integrity in all matters concerning my account is exemplary. This is at least as important as finding a good system and money management plan. Having been active in the futures markets since 1970, I would not seek to trade my account elsewhere.

-R. Gratton, Shropshire, England

I have had a great experience with Wisdom Trading. I don’t require a lot of hand holding but when I did need my hand held after the MFG debacle — Shane and Angela held my hand and walked me through every step of the process. They were proactive and forthcoming with all information that I needed to know. Thanks for your help. On a day to day basis they get answered what I need answered. Thanks again.

-S. Martens

Wisdom Trading has the widest market coverage of all the brokers I have looked at. As diversification is important to enhance my trading systems performance, Wisdom Trading was the obvious choice to build a portfolio of global futures. I also appreciate the fact that you can tell Shane and his team have a strong knowledge and experience of all these exotic markets, which “comes in handy” in many occasions. I strongly recommend Wisdom Trading for global markets access and their excellent support.

-M. Tacconi

I have had Wisdom Trading manage all of my system trading since 2004. I could not be happier for it. Not having to worry about data download and order generation several times a day makes life so much easier. And knowing with certainty that all my orders will be executed exactly as per the systems gives me great peace of mind: no second-guessing the system and/or making costly mistakes. Stress levels are much lower thanks to Wisdom Trading and I still benefit from my trading systems results! They have my top recommendation.

-Tom Robin

In the years that Mr. Wisdom has managed my account I have found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable of systems and the markets. He is reliable, responsive to my needs, and has maintained professionalism and customer focus in extreme markets. Mr. Wisdom has differentiated himself from others in his profession through consistent hard work, unyielding reliability, and relationship-based customer service.

-S. Coronado, CA.

Shane Wisdom has been invaluable in helping me design and execute my futures trading strategies. I would not have been able to implement my systems without his personal assistance with system design, portfolio selection, execution and timely adjustments along the way to fit my needs. He is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with and all for very reasonable fees.

-G. Lindberg, San Francisco, CA.

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