Is Your Trend Following Portfolio Diversified Enough?

Adopting a trend following approach may only be the first step toward achieving robust portfolio diversification. As most experienced investors know, the best market analysis can’t project far beyond the present. The same can be said of fund performance statistics. Both can tell you about what’s happening now (with a market or fund), how they […]

Trend Following with Mini and Micro Contracts

Recently the CME brought to market the new Micro E-Mini Futures. The addition of these products make trend following trading with mini and micro contracts a great option for the small account trader. Trend Following strategies offer diversification and outsized returns for the disciplined trader. The long term trend following strategy buys into a market […]

December Trend Following DOWN, UP in 2015

  December 2015 Trend Following: DOWN  -2.44%  /  YTD: +7.29% Happy New Year to all our readers! We look back at the performance of our trend following index over last year. Despite closing on a low for the month, the strategy’s performance was positive for 2015. Below is the full State of Trend Following report as of last […]

Trend Following UP in November and YTD

  November 2015 Trend Following: UP  +6.06%  /  YTD: +9.86% The Wisdom trend following index gradually made its way up last month to post a strong result for November, and recover a large part of the losses occurred in October. This helped cement the YTD number further in the black. Now nearly in double-digit territory, there is a […]

Strong Down Month for the State of Trend Following

  October 2015: Trend Following DOWN -9.19% — YTD: +3.36% A strong downward move at the beginning of the month weighed heavily on the index, which did not recover and went on to post its worst return of the year. The YTD performance is still in the black. Below is the full State of Trend Following […]

State of Trend Following in September: Still on the Rise

  September 2015: Trend Following UP +4.64% — YTD: +13.98% Third month in a row of the index producing a positive return. The YTD and 12-month figures — well in the black (over 10% and 35% respectively) — show that trend following has been a good strategy to invest or trade in these past market conditions. […]

CTX & LTX Performance Updates

We recently updated the performance of our proprietary systems CTX and LTX. We’ll aim to keep the numbers current to check the systems performance in «live conditions». To make sure you receive performance updates as they become available, please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, using the subscribe form besides this article. In this […]