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Types of Commodity Futures Trading Strategies    If you’re venturing into Commodity Futures Trading, it’s a good idea to have a plan to determine how you’ll enter and exit the markets, and what type of trades you’ll take.  While it’s a zero-sum game, you’ll need a strategy to compete with the...

We recently updated the performance of our proprietary systems CTX and LTX. We'll aim to keep the numbers current to check the systems performance in «live conditions».

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In this post, we're zooming in on the performance of the CTX and LTX systems for the year to date (as of end Sep-14). Performance is good-to-excellent, with all systems showing positive results – the best one just topping 100% return over the last nine months.

LTX: Star Performer

2014 can definitely be called a «come-back year» for trend following.

The Wisdom State of Trend Following report has had a very good year so far, with accelerating performance over the last few months.

LTX – our proprietary system based on trend following principles – was perfectly positioned to benefit from these conditions. It did its job very well, posting a strong 2014 across all versions of the system. The last few months were particulary positive.

LTX Performance: