May 30, 2016

System Trading

Free yourself from the day-to-day execution of your trading system

more time, less stress, same returns (maybe even better*)

Join hundreds of traders who trust us with the management of their system.
Think of the time and energy you could free up using Wisdom Trading system execution.

Trading System Execution is one of our specialities.
Use our existing trading systems — available exclusively to our clients, or bring your own system (with full confidentiality).

Please find below information on this service:

  • Why use a system broker: what we can bring to your systematic trading.
  • Our process: find out how we manage trading systems for our clients.
  • Trading Systems: trading systems that we can execute for you.
  • Trading Blox: gain access to a free trial of this quality back-testing and order generation platform.
  • Trend following: this trading strategy underpins a large number of trading systems and managed futures.

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