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Please find below some examples of trend following trading systems.

Public Domain Trading Systems

ATR Channel Breakout Trading System
Bollinger Band Breakout Trading System
Donchian Breakout Trading System
Dual Moving Average Crossover Trading System
Dynamic Market Selector Trading System
MACD Trading System
Triple Moving Average Trading System
Turtle Trading System
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Wisdom State of Trend Following report

Using some of these classic trend following systems, we publish the Wisdom State of Trend Following report on a monthly basis. The report was built to reflect and track the generic performance of trend following as a trading strategy.

The system mix is simulated over multiple timeframes and a portfolio of futures, selected from the range of 300+ futures markets over 30+ exchanges that Wisdom Trading can provide clients access to. The portfolio is global, diversified and balanced over the main sectors.

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Sample Wisdom State of Trend Following report