About PATS J-Trader

J-Trader is the ideal all-purpose futures trading tool – simple to deploy, easy to use, and provides direct access to the world’s leading exchanges. Access a wide-range of features—from real-time account information to single-click trading—that are sure to enhance your trading strategies.

Key Features

  • Advanced functionality, such as multi-exchange spreading and one-click scalping.
  • Real-time profit and loss and position updates.
  • Protection of orders with trailing stops and brackets.
  • Single and multiple account trading.
  • Color-coded indicators to help you see spread patterns and identify breakout, support and resistance levels.
  • Reflector, a unique depth of market screen with single-click trading, cancelling and amending.
  • User-defined trading window with single/double-click trading.
  • Automatic execution and pricing of user-defined MEL strategies.
  • Call and put options centralized around the ATM strike.
  • An integrated charting window with streaming, real-time data.
  • More than 30 technical studies with user-changeable parameters.

PATS J-Trader Tutorial Video

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