About ICE Platform

The ICE Platform is an all-in-one solution—the first platform that provides you with access to both futures and over the counter (OTC) energy markets. The browser-based solution is easy to use and offers built-in pre-trade risk management, a real-time order book and deal ticker, and a sophisticated spread implication engine.

Key Features

  • Single-click order entry and trading functionality.
  • Seamless integration from Excel formulas into WebICE via ICEMaker.
  • Track daily buys and sells on the exchange with real-time P & L numbers.
  • Fully configurable trading screen to maximize desktop area.
  • Holding or activating orders based on changing market conditions.
  • Deriving implied and spread values while managing an order book manually or automatically.

Request more information on the ICE Platform

Should you require further introduction to the ICE OTC trading platform, a guided tutorial or simply more information, please use the form below or contact us directly at:

Toll free (USA): (800) 854-8203 — International: +1-949-933-0179 — Email: info@wisdomtrading.com

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