November 19, 2018

Wisdom Trading CTA Partners and Managed Futures Monthly Update

We have partnered with the following CTA’s to offer managed futures accounts that offer diversification and opportunity in systematic trend following, volatility, and market neutral strategies.

  • Southwest Managed
  • Buckingham Weekly
  • Soaring Pelican
  • Diamond Capital

In the table below you will find performance data with links to tear sheets and commentaries for the month of October pertaining to the above CTA’s.

Please call 800-854-6354 if you have any questions.

MTD 5.99 1.1 1.65 0.61
YTD 10.1 11.2 12.3 14.3
Last 12 Months 17.33 11.45 12.65 16.59
Life To Date 166.33 85.72 86 221.34
AUM $8.2M $24.5 $27M $13.7M
Account Min. $200K $100K $250K $100K
M/E 11% 0 5% 25%
Primary Market Diversified S&P S&P S&P
Links Full Site Full Site Full Site Full Site

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