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Global Futures Markets – List of Futures Contracts

Get access to exotic markets and global diversification for improved trading opportunities and performance.

Through our extensive partnerships with global futures exchanges and Futures Commission Merchants, we’re able to provide access to a wide range of CFTC-approved products on worldwide exchanges (over 300 markets in 30+ exchanges).

Access our study on exotic markets to check how global diversification may be able to boost your trading portfolio performance.

Please contact us to discuss any of these markets or specificities regarding trading global futures.

List of Futures Contracts

Commodity Indices

ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
CMECCIContinuous Commodity Index Futures500 × indexUS$F,G,J,M,Q,X
ICE USGSCIS&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index Futures250 × indexUS$All 12 months


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
BM&FBRL/USDBrazilian Real / US Dollar futures50,000US$All 12 months
BM&FBRL/USDBrazilian Real / US Dollar mini futures10,000US$All 12 months
CME (IMM)AUD/JPYAustralian Dollar / Japanese Yen futures200,000A$H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)AUD/USDAustralian Dollar / US Dollar futures100,000A$H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)AUD/USDAustralian Dollar / US Dollar E-micro futures10,000A$H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)BRL/USDBrazilian Real / US Dollar futures100,000BRAll 12 months
CME (IMM)CAD/USDCanadian Dollar / US Dollar futures100,000C$H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)CAD/USDCanadian Dollar / US Dollar E-micro futures10,000C$H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)CHF/USDSwiss Franc / US Dollar futures125,000CHFH,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)CHF/USDSwiss Franc / US Dollar E-micro futures12,500CHFH,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)EUR/AUDEuro / Australian Dollar futures125,000H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)EUR/CHFEuro / Swiss Franc futures125,000H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)EUR/GBPEuro / British Pound futures125,000H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)EUR/JPYEuro / Japanese Yen futures125,000H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)EUR/USDEuro / US Dollar futures125,000H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)EUR/USDEuro / US Dollar E-mini futures62,500H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)EUR/USDEuro / US Dollar E-micro futures12,500H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)GBP/JPYBritish Pound / Japanese Yen futures125,000£H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)GBP/USDBritish Pound / US Dollar futures62,500£H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)GBP/USDBritish Pound / US Dollar E-micro futures6,250£H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)INR/USDIndian Rupee / US Dollar futures5,000,000INRAll 12 months
CME (IMM)INR/USDIndian Rupee / US Dollar E-micro futures1,000,000INRAll 12 months
CME (IMM)JPY/USDJapanese Yen / US Dollar futures12,500,000¥H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)JPY/USDJapanese Yen / US Dollar E-mini futures6,250,000¥H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)JPY/USDJapanese Yen / US Dollar E-micro futures1,250,000¥H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)KRW/USDKorean Won / US Dollar futures12,500,000KRWAll 12 months
CME (IMM)MXN/USDMexican Peso / US Dollar futures500,000MPAll 12 months
CME (IMM)NOK/USDNorwegian Krone / US Dollar futures2,000,000NKH,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)NZD/USDNew Zealand Dollar / US Dollar futures100,000NZ$H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)PLN/EURPolish Zloty / Euro futures500,000PZH,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)PLN/USDPolish Zloty / US Dollar futures500,000PZH,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)RMB/USDChinese Renminbi / US Dollar futures1,000,000CRAll 12 months
CME (IMM)RUB/USDRussian Ruble / US Dollar futures2,500,000RRH,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)SEK/USDSwedish Krona / US Dollar futures2,000,000SKH,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)USD/CNHUS Dollar / Offshore Chinese Renminbi futures100,000US$All 12 months
CME (IMM)USD/CNHUS Dollar / Offshore Chinese Renminbi E-micro futures10,000US$All 12 months
CME (IMM)USD/RMBUS Dollar / Chinese Renminbi E-micro futures10,000US$All 12 months
CME (IMM)ZAR/USDSouth African Rand / US Dollar futures500,000SARAll 12 months
ICE USCHF/JPYSwiss Franc / Japanese Yen futures250,000CHFH,M,U,Z
ICE USEUR/CHFEuro / Swiss Franc futures125,000H,M,U,Z
ICE USEUR/GBPEuro / British Pound futures125,000H,M,U,Z
ICE USEUR/JPYEuro / Japanese Yen futures125,000H,M,U,Z
ICE USEUR/USDEuro / US Dollar futures125,000H,M,U,Z
ICE USGBP/CHFBritish Pound / Swiss Franc futures125,000£H,M,U,Z
ICE USGBP/JPYBritish Pound / Japanese Yen futures125,000£H,M,U,Z
ICE USGBP/USDBritish Pound / US Dollar futures62,500£H,M,U,Z
ICE USUSD/JPYJapanese Yen / US Dollar e-mini futures12,500,000¥H,M,U,Z
ICE US (FINEX)US Dollar IndexICE US Dollar Index (USDX) futures1,000 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
KRX (Kofex)KRW/USDKorean Won / US Dollar futures10,000US$All 12 months
NYSE Liffe FXEUR/USDEuro / US Dollar futures20,000H,M,U,Z


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
ICE EUR (IPE)ECX CERCertified Emission Reduction futures1,000tonnesH,M,U,Z
ICE EUR (IPE)ECX ERUEmission Reduction Units futures1,000tonnesH,M,U,Z
ICE EUR (IPE)ECX EUAEU Allowance futures1,000tonnesH,M,U,Z


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
BM&FEthanolHydrous Ethanol futures30,000litersF,H,K,N,Q,U,X
CME (NYMEX)Crude OilLight Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) futures1,000barrelsAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)Crude OilLight Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) E-mini futures500barrelsAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)EthanolDenatured Fuel Ethanol futures29,000gallonsAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)GasolineRBOB Gasoline Physical futures1,000barrelsAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)GasolineRBOB Gasoline E-mini futures500barrelsAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)Heating OilHeating Oil Physical Futures1,000barrelsAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)Heating OilHeating Oil E-mini futures500barrelsAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)Natural GasHenry Hub Natural Gas futures10,000mmBtuAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)Natural GasHenry Hub Natural Gas E-mini futures2,500mmBtuAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)UraniumUxC Uranium U3O8 futures250lbs.All 12 months
DMECrude OilOman Crude Oil futures1,000barrelsAll 12 months
ICE EUR (IPE)Crude OilBrent Crude Oil futures1,000barrelsAll 12 months
ICE EUR (IPE)Crude OilLight Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) futures1,000barrelsAll 12 months
ICE EUR (IPE)Crude OilMiddle East Sour Crude (MESC) Crude Oil futures1,000barrelsAll 12 months
ICE EUR (IPE)Gas OilGas Oil futures100tonnesAll 12 months
ICE EUR (IPE)Heating OilHeating Oil futures1,000barrelsAll 12 months
ICE EUR (IPE)Natural GasUK Natural Gas futures1,000thermsAll 12 months
ICE EUR (IPE)Natural GasDutch TTF Natural Gas futures1,000thermsAll 12 months
TOCOMCrude OilMiddle East Crude Oil futures50kl.All 12 months
TOCOMGas OilGas Oil futures50kl.All 12 months
TOCOMGasolineRegular Gasoline futures50kl.All 12 months
TOCOMKeroseneKerosene futures50kl.All 12 months

Equity Indices

ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
ASX (SFE)SPI 200S&P/ASX 200 Australian Stock Exchange index futures25 × indexA$H,M,U,Z
BItFTSE MIBItalian Stock Exchange index futures5 × indexH,M,U,Z
BItFTSE MIBItalian Stock Exchange index mini futures1 × indexH,M,U,Z
BM&FIbovespaBrazilan Stock Market Bovespa Index futures1 × indexBRLG,J,M,Q,V,Z
BMD (MDEX)FKLIFTSE Bursa Malaysia KL Composite Index futures50 × indexRMH,M,U,Z
CMEDJIADow mini-sized ($5) futures5 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMEDJIADow Jones Industrial Average Index futures10 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMEDJIABig Dow futures ($25)25 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMENasdaq 100Nasdaq-100 index futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMENasdaq 100Nasdaq-100 index E-mini futures20 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMENikkei 225Nikkei Stock Average Yen-based futures500 × index¥All 12
CMENikkei 225Nikkei Stock Average Dollar-based futures5 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P 500S&P 500 index futures250 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P 500S&P 500 index E-mini futures50 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P CNX NiftyE-mini CNX Nifty Futures10 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P Consumer DiscretionaryS&P Cons. Discretionary Select Sector E-mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P Consumer StaplesS&P Consumer Staples Select Sector E-mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P EnergyS&P Energy Select Sector E-mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P FinancialS&P Financial Select Sector E-mini futures250 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P Health CareS&P Health Care Select Sector E-mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P IndustrialS&P Industrial Select Sector E-mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P MaterialsS&P Materials Select Sector E-mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P Midcap 400S&P Midcap 400 index futures500 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P Midcap 400S&P Midcap 400 index E-mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P TechnologyS&P Technology Select Sector E-mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
CMES&P UtilitiesS&P Utilities Select Sector E-mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
EUREXDaxGerman Stock Exchange index futures25 × indexH,M,U,Z
EUREXDJ Euro STOXX 50Eurozone Stock Exchange index futures10 × indexH,M,U,Z
EUREXDJ STOXX 50European Stock Exchange index futures10 × indexH,M,U,Z
HKEx (HKFE)Hang SengHang Seng index futures50 × indexHK$All 12
HKEx (HKFE)Hang SengHang Seng index mini futures10 × indexHK$All 12
ICE US (NYFE)Russell 1000Russell 1000 Index Mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
ICE US (NYFE)Russell 2000Russell 2000 Index Mini futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
JSE (SAFEX)FTSE/JSE Top 40Johannesburg Stock Exchange Top 40 index futures10 × indexSARH,M,U,Z
KRX (KSE)KOSPI 200Korea Exchange index futures500,000 ×KRWH,M,U,Z
MEFFIBEX 35Spanish Exchange index futures10 × indexAll 12
MEFFIBEX 35Spanish Exchange index mini futures1 × indexAll 12
MexDerIPC Index-MXNIPC Index of the BMV (Mexican Stock Exchange) futures10 × indexMXNH,M,U,Z
MXS&P/TSX Canada 60S&P/TSX 60 Index Standard futures200 × indexC$H,M,U,Z
Nasdaq OMXOMX Stockholm 30Stockholm Stock Exchange index futures100 × indexSEKH,M,U,Z
NYSE Liffe (EOE)AEXAEX (Amsterdam) Index futures200 × indexAll 12
NYSE Liffe (LIFFE)FTSE 100London Stock Exchange FTSE 100 index futures10 × index£H,M,U,Z
NYSE Liffe (MONEP)CAC 40French Stock Exchange index futures10 × indexAll 12
NYSE Liffe USMSCI EAFEMSCI EAFE Mini Index futures50 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
NYSE Liffe USMSCI Emerging MarketsMSCI Emerging Markets Mini Index futures50 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
OSENikkei 225Nikkei Stock Average futures1,000 × index¥H,M,U,Z
OSENikkei 225Nikkei Stock Average mini futures100 × index¥H,M,U,Z
SGX (SIMEX)MSCI SingaporeMSCI Singapore Index futures200 × indexS$H,M,U,Z
SGX (SIMEX)MSCI TaiwanMSCI Taiwan Index futures100 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
SGX (SIMEX)Nikkei 225Nikkei Stock Average Yen-based futures500 × index¥All 12
SGX (SIMEX)Nikkei 225Nikkei Stock Average Dollar-based futures5 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
SGX (SIMEX)Xinhua A50FTSE Xinhua China A50 index futures5 × indexUS$H,M,U,Z
TAIFEXTAIEXTaiwan Stock Exchange index futures50 × indexNT$All 12
TAIFEXTAIEXTaiwan Stock Exchange index mini futures200 × indexNT$All 12
TSETOPIXTokyo Stock Price Index futures10,000 × index¥H,M,U,Z
TSETOPIXTokyo Stock Price Index mini futures1,000 × index¥H,M,U,Z


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
ASX (SFE)Greasy WoolGreasy Wool futures2,500kg.G,J,M,Q,V,Z
ICE US (NYBOT-NYCE)CottonCotton No.2 futures50,000lbs.H,M,U,Z
CMELumberRandom Length Lumber futures110,000bd. ft.F,H,K,N,U,X
TOCOMRubberRubber (RSS No.3 or 4) futures5,000kg.All 12 months


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
ASX (SFE)BarleyEastern Australia (EA) Feed Barley futures20tonnesF,H,K,N,U,X
ASX (SFE)CanolaEastern Australia Canola futures20tonnesF,H,K,N,U
ASX (SFE)SorghumAustralian Sorghum futures20tonnesF,H,K,N,U,X
ASX (SFE)WheatWestern Australia Wheat20tonnesF,H,K,N,U
ASX (SFE)WheatNSW Wheat futures20tonnesF,H,K,N,U
BMD (MDEX)Crude Palm OilCrude Palm Oil futures25tonnesAll 12 months
CME (CBOT)CornCorn futures5,000bushelsH,K,N,U,Z
CME (CBOT)CornCorn mini futures1,000bushelsH,K,N,U,Z
CME (CBOT)OatsOats futures5,000bushelsH,K,N,U,Z
CME (CBOT)Rough RiceRough Rice futures2,000cwt.F,H,K,N,U,X
CME (CBOT)SoybeansSoybeans futures5,000bushelsF,H,K,N,Q,U,X
CME (CBOT)SoybeansSoybeans mini-sized futures1,000bushelsF,H,K,N,Q,U,X
CME (CBOT)Soybean MealSoybean Meal futures100sh. tonsF,H,K,N,Q,U,V,Z
CME (CBOT)Soybean OilSoybean Oil futures60,000lbs.F,H,K,N,Q,U,V,Z
CME (CBOT)WheatWheat futures5,000bushelsH,K,N,U,Z
CME (CBOT)WheatWheat mini-sized futures1,000bushelsH,K,N,U,Z
ICE CAN (WCE)BarleyBarley futures20tonnesH,K,N,V,Z
ICE CAN (WCE)CanolaCanola futures20tonnesF,H,K,N,X
ICE CAN (WCE)WheatDurum Wheat futures100tonnesH,K,N,V,Z
ICE CAN (WCE)WheatMilling Wheat futures100tonnesH,K,N,V,Z
ICE USCornCorn futures5,000bushelsH,K,N,U,Z
ICE USSoybean mealSoybean Meal futures100sh. tonsF,H,K,N,Q,U,V,Z
ICE USSoybean oilSoybean Oil futures60,000lbs.F,H,K,N,Q,U,V,Z
ICE USSoybeansSoybeans futures5,000bushelsF,H,K,N,X
ICE USWheatWheat futures5,000bushelsH,K,N,U,Z
JSE (SAFEX)SorghumSorghum futures100tonnesH,K,N,U,Z
JSE (SAFEX)SoybeansSoybeans futures50tonnesH,K,N,U,Z
JSE (SAFEX)Sunflower SeedsSunflower Seeds futures50tonnesH,K,N,U,Z
JSE (SAFEX)WheatWheat Randfontein futures50tonnesH,K,N,U,Z
JSE (SAFEX)White MaizeWhite Maize futures100tonnesH,K,N,U,Z
JSE (SAFEX)Yellow MaizeYellow Maize futures100tonnesH,K,N,U,Z
KCBTWheatKC Wheat futures5,000bushelsH,K,N,U,Z
MGEXWheatHard Red Spring Wheat futures5,000bushelsH,K,N,U,Z
NYSE Liffe (LIFFE-LCE)WheatFeed Wheat futures100tonnesF,H,M,Q,X
NYSE Liffe (MATIF)BarleyMalting Barley futures50tonnesF,H,K,N,X
NYSE Liffe (MATIF)CornCorn futures500tonnesF,H,M,Q,X
NYSE Liffe (MATIF)RapeseedRapeseed futures50tonnesG,K,Q,X
NYSE Liffe (MATIF)WheatMilling Wheat futures50tonnesF,H,K,X
TOCOM (TGE)Azuki BeansAzuki (Red Bean) futures2,400kg.All 12 months
TOCOM (TGE)CornCorn futures50tonnesF,H,K,N,U,X
TOCOM (TGE)SoybeansSoybeans futures10tonnesAll 12 months


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
BM&FLive CattleLive cattle futures4,950kg.All 12 months
CMEFeeder CattleFeeder cattle futures50,000lbs.F,H,J,K,Q,U,V,X
CMELean HogsLean hogs futures40,000lbs.G,J,K M,N,Q,V,Z
CMELive CattleLive cattle futures40,000lbs.G,J,M,Q,V,Z


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
CME (COMEX)CopperCopper High-grade futures25,000lbs.All 12 months
CME (COMEX)CopperCopper Financial Futures (swap)25,000lbs.All 12 months
CME (COMEX)CopperCopper E-mini futures12,500lbs.All 12 months
CME (COMEX)GoldGold COMEX futures100troy oz.G,J,M,Q,V,Z
CME (COMEX)GoldmiNY Gold futures50troy oz.G,J,M,Q,V,Z
CME (COMEX)GoldGold E-micro futures10troy oz.G,J,M,Q,V,Z
CME (COMEX)SilverSilver COMEX futures5,000troy oz.H,K,N,U,Z
CME (COMEX)SilvermiNY Silver futures2,500troy oz.H,K,N,U,Z
CME (NYMEX)Busheling Ferrous ScrapU.S. Midwest #1 Busheling Ferrous Scrap (AMM) futures20lg. tonsAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)Iron OreIron Ore 62% Fe, CFR China (TSI) Futures50tonnesAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)PalladiumPalladium NYMEX futures100troy oz.All 12 months
CME (NYMEX)PlatinumPlatinum NYMEX futures50troy oz.All 12 months
CME (NYMEX)Steel BilletSteel Billet, FOB Black Sea (Platts) Futures100tonnesAll 12 months
CME (NYMEX)Steel HRCUS Midwest Domestic Hot-Rolled Coil Steel Index futures20sh. tonsAll 12 months
LMEAluminiumAluminium futures25tonnesAll 12 months
LMEAluminumLMEmini Aluminium contract5tonnesAll 12 months
LMEAluminum AlloyAluminium Alloy futures20tonnesAll 12 months
LMECobaltCobalt futures1tonnesAll 12 months
LMECopperCopper futures25tonnesAll 12 months
LMECopperLMEmini Copper contract5tonnesAll 12 months
LMELeadLead futures25tonnesAll 12 months
LMELMEXLondon Metal Exchange index futures10 × indexUS$All 12 months
LMEMolybdenumMolybdenum futures6tonnesAll 12 months
LMENASAACNorth American Special Aluminum Alloy futures25tonnesAll 12 months
LMENickelNickel futures6tonnesAll 12 months
LMESteel BilletSteel Billet futures65tonnesAll 12 months
LMETinTin futures5tonnesAll 12 months
LMEZincZinc futures25tonnesAll 12 months
LMEZincLMEmini Zinc contract5tonnesAll 12 months
TOCOMGoldGold futures1kg.G,J,M,Q,V,Z
TOCOMGoldGold mini futures100gramsG,J,M,Q,V,Z
TOCOMPalladiumPalladium futures500gramsG,J,M,Q,V,Z
TOCOMPlatinumPlatinum futures500gramsG,J,M,Q,V,Z
TOCOMPlatinumPlatinum mini futures100gramsG,J,M,Q,V,Z
TOCOMSilverSilver futures10kg.G,J,M,Q,V,Z


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
ASX (SFE-NZFE)New Zealand Bank BillsNew Zealand Bank Bills (90-day) futures1,000,000NZ$H,M,U,Z
ASX (SFE)Australian Bank Bills (90 day)Australian Bank Bills (90 day) futures1,000,000A$H,M,U,Z
ASX (SFE)Australian Govt Bond (10Yr)Australian Govt Bond 6% (10Yr) futures100,000A$H,M,U,Z
ASX (SFE)Australian Govt Bond (3Yr)Australian Govt Bond 6% (3Yr) futures100,000A$H,M,U,Z
CME (CBOT)CBOT Swaps 2 yr.CBOT Swaps 2 yr. futures100,000US$H,M,U,Z
CME (CBOT)CBOT Swaps 5 yr.CBOT Swaps 5 yr. futures100,000US$H,M,U,Z
CME (CBOT)CBOT Swaps 7 yr.CBOT Swaps 7 yr. futures100,000US$H,M,U,Z
CME (CBOT)CBOT Swaps 10 yr.CBOT Swaps 10 yr. futures100,000US$H,M,U,Z
CME (CBOT)CBOT Swaps 30 yr.CBOT Swaps 30 yr. futures100,000US$H,M,U,Z
CME (CBOT)Fed. Funds-30 dayFed. Funds-30 day futures5,000,000US$All 12 months
CME (CBOT)U.S. T-Notes-2 Yr.U.S. T-Notes-2 Yr. futures200,000US$H,M,U,Z
CME (CBOT)U.S. T-Notes-5 Yr.U.S. T-Notes-5 Yr. futures100,000US$H,M,U,Z
CME (CBOT)U.S. T-Notes-10 Yr.U.S. T-Notes-10 Yr. futures100,000US$H,M,U,Z
CME (CBOT)U.S. T-Bonds-30 Yr.U.S. T-Bonds-30 Yr. futures100,000US$H,M,U,Z
CME (CBOT)U.S. Ultra T-BondsU.S. Ultra T-Bonds futures100,000US$H,M,U,Z
CME (IMM)EurodollarEurodollar futures1,000,000US$All 12 months
CME (IMM)EuroyenEuroyen futures100,000,000¥H,M,U,Z
EUREXBoblBobl futures100,000H,M,U,Z
EUREXBundBund futures100,000H,M,U,Z
EUREXBuxlBuxl futures100,000H,M,U,Z
EUREXSchatzSchatz futures100,000H,M,U,Z
EUREXSwiss Govt BondSwiss Govt Bond futures100,000CHFH,M,U,Z
MXCanadian Bankers’ AcceptanceCanadian Bankers’ Acceptance futures1,000,000C$All 12 months
MXCanadian Govt Bond 10YrCanadian Govt Bond 10Yr futures100,000C$H,M,U,Z
NYSE Liffe (LIFFE)Euribor (3-mo.)Euribor (3-mo.) futures1,000,000All 12 months
NYSE Liffe (LIFFE)Long GiltLong Gilt futures100,000£H,M,U,Z
NYSE Liffe (LIFFE)Short SterlingShort Sterling futures500,000£All 12 months
SGX (SIMEX)Japanese 10yr Govt BondJapanese 10yr Govt Bond mini futures10,000,000¥H,M,U,Z
TFX (TIFFE)EuroyenEuroyen futures100,000,000¥H,M,U,Z
TSEJapanese 10yr Govt BondJapanese 10yr Govt Bond futures100,000,000¥H,M,U,Z


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
OneChicagoVarious StocksSingle Stock FuturesN/AN/AN/A


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
BM&FCoffeeArabica Coffee futures6,000kg.H,K,N,U,Z
BM&FSugarCrystal Sugar futures13,500kg.G,J,N,U,X
CMEMilkMilk Class III futures200,000lbs.All 12 months
ICE US (NYBOT-CSCE)CocoaCocoa futures10tonnesH,K,N,U,Z
ICE US (NYBOT-CSCE)CoffeeCoffee C Arabica futures37,500lbs.H,K,N,U,Z
ICE US (NYBOT-CSCE)SugarSugar #11 futures112,000lbs.H,K,N,V
ICE US (NYBOT-NYCE)Orange JuiceFrozen Concentrated Orange Juice (FCOJ) futures15,000lbs.F,H,K,N,U,X
NYSE Liffe (LIFFE)CocoaCocoa futures10tonnesH,K,N,U,Z
NYSE Liffe (LIFFE)CoffeeRobusta Coffee futures10tonnesF,H,K,N,U,X
NYSE Liffe (LIFFE)SugarRaw Sugar futures50tonnesH,K,Q,V,Z


ExchangeProductContract specificSizeUnitMonths
CFEVIXCBOE Volatility Index futures1,000 × indexUS$All 12 months
CFEVIXCBOE mini-VIX futures100 × indexUS$All 12 months

List of Global Futures Exchanges and Acronyms

AEX – Amsterdam EXchange
ASX – Australian Stock Exchange
BIt – Borsa Italiana
BM&F (BM&FBOVESPA) – Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros / Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange
BMD – Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad
CBOT – Chicago Board of Trade
CFE – CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) Futures Exchange
CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange
COMEX – Commodity Exchange, Inc.
CSCE – Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange
DME – Dubai Mercantile Exchange
EOE – European Option Exchange
EUREX – Eurex
FINEX – Financial Instruments Exchange
HKEx – Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing
HKFE – Hong Kong Futures Exchange
ICE CAN – IntercontinentalExchange Futures Canada
ICE EUR – IntercontinentalExchange Futures Europe
ICE US – IntercontinentalExchange Futures US

IMM – International Monetary Market
IPE – International Petroleum Exchange
JSE – Johannesburg Stock Exchange
KCBT – Kansas City Board of Trade
Kofex – Korea Futures Exchange
KRX – Korea Exchange
KSE – Korea Stock Exchange
LCE – London Commodity Exchange
LIFFE – London International Financial Futures Exchange
LME – London Metals Exchange
MATIF – Marché à Terme International de France
MDEX – Malaysia Derivatives Exchange Berhad
MEFF – Mercado Español de Futuros Financieros
MexDer – Mexican Derivatives Exchange / Mercado Mexicano de Derivados
MGEX – Minneapolis Grain Exchange
MONEP – Marché d’Options Négociables de Paris
MX – Montréal Exchange (Canadian Derivatives Exchange)
NASDAQ – National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

NYCE – New York Cotton Exchange
NYFE – New York Futures Exchange
NYMEX – New York Mercantile Exchange
NYSE Liffe – New York Stock Exchange EURONEXT Liffe
NZFE – New Zealand Futures Exchange
OMX AB – Aktiebolaget Optionsmäklarna / Helsinki Stock Exchange
OSE – Osaka Securities Exchange
SAFEX – South African Futures Exchange
SFE – Sydney Futures Exchange
SGX – Singapore Exchange Limited
SIMEX – Singapore International Monetary Exchange
TAIFEX – Taiwan Futures Exchange
TFX – Tokyo Financial Exchange
TGE – Tokyo Grain Exchange
TIFFE – Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange
TOCOM – Tokyo Commodity Exchange
TSE – Tokyo Stock Exchange
WCE – Winnipeg Commodity Exchange

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