Futures Trading Systems – Algorithmic Trading

What are Trading Systems or Algo Strategies

Algorithmic, systematic, systems, or simply “algo” trading strategies use computerized modeling to buy and sell futures contracts based on pre-defined rules and conditions. In theory, an algorithm can trade in nearly any financial market and employ any desired type of strategy, whether it’s trend following, counter trend, mean reversion, volatility, etc

Benefits of using a Trading System

No Emotional Trading – Emotional decision making is often a trader’s worst enemy (greed, fear, disbelief, etc.) System trading removes this emotional element from trading. In fact, many top-performing Commodity Trading Advisors now rely heavily upon computerized trading system software.


Access to more markets – Algorithmic trading systems make it easier for traders to find trends in more markets than humanly possible. Traders can spread their risk across various markets and sectors to find opportunities in trends that might be
overlooked otherwise.


Trading around the clock– Algorithmic trading strategies have the ability to trade while you’re sleeping. No more missing out on markets just because you aren’t awake to trade them.


Capital Investment – Futures trading Systems generally require a lower capital investment amount versus a managed account with a CTA or fund.  This allows investors to get started at a level they are comfortable with.


Besides eliminating second-guessing, whims and uninformed decision making, the advantages of using a disciplined, systematic approach to trading are numerous:

  • A trading system generates instructions based solely on predetermined rules.
  • A trading system can be tested and researched prior to committing actual capital to trade.
  • A trading system can specify correct capitalization levels based on simulated performance, risk and draw-downs.
  • The system rules determine the timing for order placement, not the trader.
  • System speculation is objective, disciplined, quantitative, technical, logical and precise.

Bottom line: Trading systems provide the much needed structure to trading. Each order placed is governed by a predetermined set of rules that does not deviate based on anything other than market action. A trading system will include specific money management parameters and the mechanical placement of those orders insures those rules are being followed.

Trading System Execution Brokers

The traders at Wisdom Trading have been specializing in trend following and algorithmic trading strategies for over 25 years.  Our traders have deep experience in global markets, trade execution, reconciliation, trading platforms, and coding.

We can help you find or develop a trading algo specific to your objectives and the markets you would like to trade.  Or If you already have a strategy, we can provide automated execution services so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

System & Algo Trading

We Do The Trading So You Don’t Have To

Simply put, we trade the system(s), in the markets you want, at the risk you’re comfortable with. You can check your account online to see it in action.

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Account Benefits

Trading System Execution Services

Whether you are a fund manager or CTA, private or professional trader, we can assist you with the execution of your trading system. Our trading professionals can sync our setup with yours and execute your system for you 100% of the time, or we can provide off-site back up and give up execution services while you are traveling or in emergency situations.

Our process, used by hundreds of system traders, ensures we trade your system efficiently and accurately.

Third-Party Trading Systems

A great way to get started with systems trading or diversify your trading strategies

We have partnered with system developers to offer our clients a set of trading systems covering various strategies, from long-term trend following to short-term mean reversion.

No Fees

We never charge any management, incentive, or account maintenance fees. The only charges for our system execution service are for the actual trades.

Diversify with our Global Markets

Our global markets offering is one of the best in the industry. Gain access to more markets, increase your diversification and trading opportunities with our 300+ markets in over 30 worldwide exchanges.

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