We offer trading system execution for a fully automated rules based approach. Our traders have been executing algorithmic trading systems in the futures markets for over 20 years. Our deep experience has made Wisdom Trading a number one choice for system execution in the industry. We offer proprietary, 3rd party, and customized trading system solutions.

Strategy Highlights:

  • Medium to long term, trend following systems
  • Quantitative, statistical, and 100% systematic
  • Extracts profits from up and down trends with no long or short bias
  • Designed to capture major trends in any market sector
  • Strict risk management strategy with protective stops and exit levels on all positions

Trading Account Structure:

  • Separately Managed Account – $10,000 minimum
  • Fees = $10 per trade, per contract + exchange/NFA fee
  • No Management / No Incentive fee
  • Accounts are liquid, transparent, and easy to track

The following trading systems can be optimized for your account.  

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