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+ Do you provide access to market/exchange/product X, Y or Z?
Most likely yes, we do.
We have one of the widest global markets coverage. Generally, if a market/product is CFTC-approved we can provide you access for trading. For the list of markets and exchanges that we cover please check the global markets page.
+ What are your fees?
We have some of the best industry rates compared to any other broker. Our independent structure, our lean organisation, our strategic partnerships with multiple FCMs all have allowed us to reduce our clearing and overall costs.
We charge very competitive commissions and absolutely no hidden fees.
Our rates are flexible, with multiple options depending on your trading. Get in touch with us to check it now.
+ What type of clients do you cater for?
Our flexible structure, wide product offering and responsive customer service allows us to cater extremely well to a wide range of traders. From trading professionals, CTAs and CPOs, family offices, to commodity hedgers or independent system traders, our existing range of clients is very diverse.
+ How can I submit trading orders?
If you are a self-directed trader you can use one of our available trading platforms or contact our 24-hr trading desk. Orders are handled via phone or email/Bloomberg.
We also provide bulk order entry via spreadsheets and accept orders in email format.
+ What trading platforms do you offer?
We offer numerous trading platforms to suit our clients’ needs. Please check the list of trading platforms that we offer.
+ Is options trading available?

Trading Account

+ How do I transfer an account to Wisdom Trading?
Transferring a self directed futures account or managed futures account to Wisdom Trading is quick and easy. In most cases a new account form and account transfer form will be required to facilitate the transfer. Once complete, your Wisdom Trading account executive will process the transfer on your behalf. In most cases you can keep your existing positions and T-bills in the account through the process. Your Wisdom Trading account executive can assure that you do not incur any down time from the markets during this process.
+ How long does the account opening take?
There is typically a 24 hour turnaround for new accounts.
+ Is my money safe with Wisdom Trading?
As an Introducing Broker, Wisdom Trading does not hold any customer funds. You can open an account with one of our FCM partners, who are all recognized and well established in the futures industry.
+ Do you support IRA (Individual Retirement Accounts)?
Yes. With different types of IRAs available (traditional, Roth, Rollover, SEP, SIMPLE), multiple custodians (MidLand, Advanta, Millennium and many others) and a choice of FCMs we have established strategic relationships with, we can find the best arrangement for you, and get you set up easily and quickly. Please check our IRA page for more info.

Trading Systems

+ Can you suggest a portfolio for my trading system?
This is one of the areas that we can discuss with you. We have several standard portfolio sets that we can offer you depending on capital, capacity, and money management and we can also discuss custom portolio to meet your specific needs.
+ Do you support platforms A, B or C for systems trading and order generation?
We support most commercial platforms as well as custom software or third-party systems.
Contact us if you’d like to discuss specifics.
+ What data sources do you support?
We currently support CSI and Pinnacle data for order generation.
+ What rolling algorithms do you use to generate continuous futures contract for testing and order generation?
We have set up our standard rolling algorithms to stay in the most liquid contract at any time, depending on each market. This way you can receive the best fills and minimize slippage. If you need a specific rolling algorithm, we can synchronize our system to use the same methods that you use to ensure we get the exact same results. This is one of the areas that we discuss during our trading system hand-over process.
+ What system trading platform do you recommend?
Trading Blox is the main platform we use for our system trading. We are the only official Trading Blox support broker.
+ What types of systems and strategies do you support.
We can execute any strategy or systrem for you. We do specialise in long-term trend following. After spending a couple of decades in the industry, we have found these are the most reliable over time.
+ Can you help improve my system?
Yes, we can offer extra proprietary modules as well as suggest portfolios or consult on your system for review.
Contact us now for a free consultation.
+ What are the costs and commissions involved for the system trading execution services?
We understand that your trading performance is affected by costs such as commissions. And this is why we try to keep them to a minimum. We are willing to bet that you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that our commissions are in the range of standard futures brokers. We do not charge any additional management fees. Commissions for trading system execution range from $5 to $20 depending on specifics (volume, trading frequency, etc.).
Please contact us to discuss specifics.
+ What about confidentiality and Intellectual Property for your trading system execution services?
We understand this is a most sensitive aspect for our clients who delegate the execution of proprietary systems to us. We use our own infrastructure to run all our systems. And we are always happy to sign non-disclosure agreements.
+ How do you ensure accuracy of the results and performance of the trading systems you execute.
Before we start trading your system, we run your system on our platform to ensure we get the same results. Once we start trading your system, we run daily reconciliations to make sure that the real account orders and performance match that of trading system.
+ How reliable are your trading and system execution operations?
We have set up our trading operations so that we can remain operational in any circumstances. We have redundant computer systems, connectivity and power source. All our systems are constantly backed-up. We also have a back-up team in a different geographical location.
+ How can I learn more about trading and trading systems?
We’re always happy to discuss any questions you may have. Additionally you can find further education resources on this website.
+ How can I monitor my account performance for systems executed by Wisdom Trading?
Should you wish to, you can obtain full transparency on the order flow. We can set you up with a platform so that you can see your fills, stops, and adjustments in real time. Also, any fills come through on the FCM website within a couple minutes and you can see everything marked to the market in real time.
In addition, you will receive statements via email and have access to an online record keeping system for daily and monthly statements.
+ I do not have my own trading system. Can you suggest trading systems?
Absolutely. There are several options to get you started with systems trading. Firstly, you can call us for a free consultation. We will be able to discuss your situation and trading system requirements. This will allow us to make recommendations of trading system(s) and portfolios. Alternatively, you can also select the trading systems from our developer partners or select managed futures (we can assist and recommend for those too).

Managed Futures / CTAs

+ Who are Commodity trading advisors?
Commodity Trading Advisors, also known as CTAs, are a type of professional trader/money manager. They are typically registered with the National Futures Association and give advice regarding the buying and selling of futures or options contracts. They are often referred as managed futures. We can advise you on managed futures investing.
+ Who should invest in managed futures?
Managed futures are not appropriate for everyone. A determination must be made as to a particular investor’s suitability, at which point the investor will be provided with all of the necessary information to make sure he or she understands both the risks and possible rewards of this type of investing. Generally, in addition to having the required risk capital, an investor needs to have realistic expectations about returns on investment and tolerance to temporary drawdowns that inevitably will occur with managed futures products.
+ Are there special risks associated with managed futures?
Yes. Managed futures investing carries specific risks. In particular, it is important to understand that the high degree of leverage often obtainable in commodity trading, can work against an investor as well as benefit an investor. The use of leverage can lead to large losses as well as gains. In some cases, managed futures accounts are also subject to substantial charges for management and advisory fees. There are many other risks to consider with trading in the commodity markets. Investors should carefully study the disclosure document of the CTA before making any investment in a managed futures product. Contact us to discuss and learn more about managed futures.
+ How do I select a CTA program?
We can provide you access to a wide range of managed futures programs to help you diversify your portfolio. We work with quality CTAs and funds and would be happy to provide recommendations for consideration. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
+ How do I open an account with a new fund or CTA?
To open a new account with a fund or Commodity Trading Advisor contact a Wisdom Trading Account Executive at 800-854-8203 or via our website to ensure that the product is appropriate to your risk tolerance, investment goals, and investment experience. If suitable, your account executive will provide you with the necessary disclosure documents and account applications to establish the account.
+ What services do you offer to a CTA?
We can assist you with every part of your CTA operations from formation to trading execution, clearing, marketing and capital introduction. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss this more in detail. You can contact us to do so.

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