Strategy type: Mean Reversion

Dynamic Swing is a short term trading system designed to buy weakness and sell strength in the direction of a longer term trend. Dynamic Swing performs best in stock index futures and can be applied to index markets around the globe. Dynamic Swing is trying to pick a short term bottom and take profits quickly when the longer term trend resumes.

Portfolios can be customized to various account sizes, risk, and markets traded.

Key Details

  • Developer: Michael Collison
  • strategy type: Mean reversion / trend following
  • Markets Traded: S&P, NASDAQ, Russell, Mid Cap, CAC40, OMX30, EuroStoxx50, German DAX, Hang Seng, MSCI Singapore, MSCI Taiwan
  • Lease and Commissions: $50 per month / $10 per trade
  • Minimum Account Size: $20,000

Sample trades

Dynamic Swing


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