Trend Following with Mini and Micro Contracts

Recently the CME brought to market the new Micro E-Mini Futures. The addition of these products make trend following trading with mini and micro contracts a great option for the small account trader. Trend Following strategies offer diversification and outsized returns for the disciplined trader. The long term trend following strategy buys into a market […]

Types of Commodity Trading Strategies

Types of Commodity Futures Trading Strategies    If you’re venturing into Commodity Futures Trading, it’s a good idea to have a plan to determine how you’ll enter and exit the markets, and what type of trades you’ll take.  While it’s a zero-sum game, you’ll need a strategy to compete with the pros and the discipline to […]

System Trading

Free yourself from the day-to-day execution of your trading system more time, less stress, same returns (maybe even better*) Join hundreds of traders who trust us with the management of their system. Think of the time and energy you could free up using Wisdom Trading system execution. Trading System Execution is one of our specialities.Use […]

TradingVisions Systems: Harness the Power of Diversification

We recently partnered with multiple futures systems developers to offer our clients a wide range of trading systems, in combination with our execution services. The first developer we’re highlighting in this post is TradingVisions, who offer a diversified approach to system trading. In their own words: “ The best way to succeed at investing may […]

Public Trading Systems

We offer trading system execution for a full automated strategy solution. Please find below some examples of trend following trading systems. Public Domain Trading Systems ATR Channel Breakout Trading System Bollinger Band Breakout Trading System Donchian Breakout Trading System Dual Moving Average Crossover Trading System Dynamic Market Selector Trading System MACD Trading System Triple Moving […]