Trendfinder Systems: Strategies for Futures Trading

In this blog post, we introduce another one of our system developer partner: Trendfinder. Trendfinder, founded by Gary Hart, provides fully automated intraday and swing trading strategies for the futures markets. Gary has been trading the futues markets with fully automated mechanical systems for over 15 years, and featured in Futures Truth. Trendfinder aims to […]

Stock Markets Turmoil: What impact on trend following?

The Wisdom State of Trend Following report — currently standing at +17.48% YTD — has shown that 2014 is a “come-back” year for trend following. Could this be the beginning of a real turning point for the strategy? A New Market Environment Beneficial to Trend Following? This month of October seems to bring back flavours […]

CTX & LTX Performance Updates

We recently updated the performance of our proprietary systems CTX and LTX. We’ll aim to keep the numbers current to check the systems performance in «live conditions». To make sure you receive performance updates as they become available, please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, using the subscribe form besides this article. In this […]