Wisdom Trading CTA Partners and Managed Futures Monthly Update

We have partnered with the following CTA’s to offer managed futures accounts that offer diversification and opportunity in systematic trend following, volatility, and market neutral strategies. Southwest Managed Buckingham Weekly Soaring Pelican Diamond Capital In the table below you will find performance data with links to tear sheets and commentaries for the month of October […]

Managed Futures FAQ

What are alternative investments? Alternative investments are investment products other than traditional asset types such as stocks, bonds, and cash. Because of their markedly different risk and return characteristics, alternative investments serve to stabilize and add diversification to traditional portfolios, while also potentially increasing long-term returns. There is a broad range of alternative investments, including: […]

Managed Futures Research

Wisdom Trading is committed to providing the information you need to make better Managed Futures investment decisions. Our articles, special reports, and educational materials are designed to offer perspective and insight into managed futures and other alternative strategies. For more info, read our managed futures introduction article, or the in-depth research articles and white papers […]

Investing in Managed Futures

“ The results (of including managed futures) are so compelling that the board of any institution, along with the portfolio manager, should be forced to articulate in writing their justification in not having a substantial allocation to the liquid alpha space of managed futures. – John Lintner, Harvard Business School Professor This Lintner quote has […]