What are Futures?

In the United States, trading futures began in the mid-19th century with the establishment of central grain markets where farmers could sell their products either for immediate delivery, also called the spot or cash market, or for forward delivery. These forward contracts were private contracts between buyers and sellers and became the forerunner of today’s exchange-traded futures contracts. Both […]

E Micro Gold Futures

E-micro Gold (MGC) futures offer the opportunity of a 10:1 offset with the 100-oz. Gold Futures contract. At one-tenth the size of our benchmark gold contract, the E-micro Gold Futures contract is tailored to meet the demands of the active individual investor looking for the opportunity to trade physical gold in smaller increments and for […]

CME Micro Bitcoin Futures

Now live: Micro Bitcoin futures Micro-sized bitcoin, major possibilities Access a cost-effective new way to fine-tune your bitcoin exposure and add versatility to your trading strategies with Micro Bitcoin futures (MBT), now available for trading. At 1/10 the size of one bitcoin or 1/50 the size of the Bitcoin futures contract, these smaller-sized contracts are the latest addition to CME Group’s […]


Top Alternative Investment Strategies for Sophisticated Investors As the investment landscape is rapidly changing, finding new investment opportunities and diversification has never been more important.  Commodity futures markets offer a wide range of opportunity through global market exposure and the ability to easily go long or short in any instrument.   Here are a few ways […]

How Might Alternative Investments Fit Into Your Portfolio?

To understand the concept behind alternative investments, you don’t have to think far beyond your own kitchen. There are certain staple foods you cook on a daily basis, things you would consider “conventional.” The ingredients are easy to find and affordable. The knowledge and time to cook the dishes are well within expectations. Every now […]

Managed Futures in December

December average return: -0.35% 2019 average return: +11.00% Manager Perf. YTD Aspect Capital -0.76% +20.07% Campbell & Company -3.40% +11.36% Cantab Capital Partners +3.10% +39.68% Chesapeake Capital -1.70% -4.03% Crabel +0.08% +8.41% Dunn Capital -0.47% +16.91% FORT L.P. -0.36% +14.41% Graham Capital Mgmt. -3.42% +15.57% ISAM +0.12% +1.76% Lynx Asset Mgmt. -0.94% +15.42% Man Investments […]

The Bear Market as an Opportunity for Growth

There’s nothing that strikes more fear into the hearts of investors than market declines. Short-term or long-term, it almost doesn’t matter. This is particularly true of investors whose portfolios consist mainly of equities or equity-driven assets (i.e. index funds). The problem here is that most investors can’t tell apart the “bearish” from the “bear.” Unable […]

My Commodity Portfolio Is Underperforming… Help!

You’ve been told that commodity futures can at times have a negative correlation to equities. When one goes up the other goes down, so they say. A portfolio of futures, then, makes for a good portfolio hedge–one that allows you to capture upside during market downturns, and one whose negative returns are offset by stocks […]

Using the Gold-to-Silver Ratio to Inform Your Trades

Unless you’re a seasoned commodities trader or a die-hard gold bug, you may not be that familiar with the gold-to-silver ratio. If not, read on, as we’ll explain what it is, how it’s traditionally interpreted, and how you might use it to inform your precious metals trades or allocations. What is the Gold-Silver Ratio? The […]

Managed Futures in September

Please find below the September performance numbers of the managed futures funds we follow in our monthly report. Managed Futures Performance September average return: -3.62% 2019 average return: +13.59% Manager Perf. YTD Aspect Capital -3.87% +22.94% Campbell & Company -2.40% +20.45% Cantab Capital Partners -1.79% +38.71% Chesapeake Capital -2.18% +1.58% Crabel -0.98% +4.44% Dunn Capital […]