Strategy type: Swing Trading

Axiom Index is a mechanical, trend-following, swing system recommended for the e-mini Russell, e-mini S&P, and e-mini NASDAQ. It employs a unique entry mechanism that utilizes a proprietary channel built upon the confluence and mutual confirmation of a number of trend cycles. The system may be leased and traded through designated broker-assist programs or TradeStation brokerage accounts (both available at Wisdom Trading).

Axiom runs on the TradeStation platform and was officially released April 21, 2004, when it was submitted to Futures Truth for third-party tracking.

Key Details

  • Developer: Trading Visions
  • Strategy type: Swing Trading
  • Markets Traded: Emini S&P, NASDAQ, and Russell 2000
  • Platform: TradeStation
  • Lease and Commissions: $65 per month / $10 per trade
  • Min. Account Size: $20,000


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