What We Do

We execute proprietary trading strategies

What We Do

Wisdom Trading provides a wide range of services to clients looking to participate in the futures market.  We are a boutique firm that focuses on tailored services to each of our clients.   You will not find deep discount rates or an automated phone system.  All clients have a direct personal contact for concierge services relating to trading and their account. 

We assist individuals in adding futures to their traditional portfolios through managed programs and custom trading system solutions.

  • We work side by side with fortune Global 500 companies in hedging their inventory and managing risk with futures contracts.
  • We execute proprietary trading strategies for family offices and institutional trading organizations.
  • We partner with CTAs and CPOs to bring their programs to market and act as back office and client liaison.
  • We provide unparalleled support and rates to the self-directed professional trader.
  • We work with US and foreign individuals, partnerships, IRAs, 401ks, pension plans, LLCs, corporations, trusts, Endowments, family offices, Off shore accounts, and bona fide hedgers.  We can assist you and make your trading experience better.
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